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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

USC Columbia
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships (FY 2004-2005)

    No. of
 Nursing Student Program50121,771
 Health Professions Program3798,712
Loans - Total22,226 $123,559,416
Scholarships - Total7,953 $18,602,274

 Pell Grant4,15811,244,339
 Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants872813,354
 State Need Based Grant2,0962,589,763
Grants - Total7,126$14,647,456
College Work Study - Total732 $1,170,008
Undergraduate Students Receiving Aid: 95% of New Freshmen recieved some form of financial aid
36% of New Freshman received some need-based aid
83% of Continuing Students recieved some form of financial aid
42% of Continuing Students received some need-based aid