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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

Respondent Profile - Junior & Senior Survey 2002

In 2002, 264 students responded to the Junior & Senior Survey. A basic demographic breakdown of respondents looks like this:

  • 58.7% Female; 41.3% Male
  • 78% Caucasian; 13.6% African American; 3.4% Asian American; 1.9% Hispanic; 3% Other
  • 54.5% Juniors, 45.5% Seniors

In the spring of every other year, the Junior & Senior Survey is administered to a sample of juniors and seniors. The survey allows the Division of Student Affairs to develop a profile of its junior and senior classes and gauge students' perceptions of and satisfaction with various aspects of their college experience at the University of South Carolina. Instructors in selected upper-level classes distribute the survey to students and collect the completed questionnaires during a subsequent class period. The Junior & Senior Survey is a locally developed survey, so no national norms are available.