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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

Respondent Profile - CSEQ 1998

In 1998, 1,163 questionnaires were distributed and 702 usable replies were returned and analyzed (a 60.4% response rate).
A basic demographic breakdown of respondents looks like this:

  • 58% Female; 42% Male
  • 70% Caucasian; 22% African American; 4% Asian American; 1% Hispanic; 1% American Indian
  • 33% Freshmen; 28% Sophomores; 24% Juniors; 14% Seniors; 1% Graduate Students

In the spring of every third year, the College Student Experience Questionnaire (CSEQ) is administered to a cross-section of USC students. The CSEQ is a national survey from Indiana University which gathers background information on students and provides the Division of Student and Alumni Services with a summary of the academic and extracurricular activities in which students engage while at USC. The CSEQ is distributed and collected by instructors in selected classes.