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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics

Respondent Profile - 2001 Alumni Survey of 1997-1998 Graduates

A total of 415 USC Columbia alumni completed the Alumni Survey in 2001.
Of the graduates who responded:

  • 42% obtained their first full-time job prior to leaving college
  • 65% obtained their first full-time job within three months of graduating
  • 1.2% reported dissatisfaction with his or her overall academic experience
  • 66% Female, 34% Male
  • 80% White/Non-Hispanic, 13%Black/African American, 7% Other

The Alumni Survey is administered every two years to a 50% sample of USC alumni who were graduated two to three years before the survey is administered. The Alumni Survey is administered in part to fulfill the requirements of Act 255 of 1992, which mandates that public institutions of higher learning report placement data and educational satisfaction attitudes of graduates.

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