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Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Analytics


DESCRIPTOR: Fee Residency

DEFINITION: Residency classification of the student for fee purposes according to the following South Carolina statutes: Residency for Tuition and Fees 59-112-10 Definitions. 59-112-20 South Carolina domicile defined for purposes of rates of tuition and fees. 59-112-30 Effect of change of residency. 59-112-40 Effect of marriage. 59-112-50 Military personnel and their dependents. 59-112-60 Faculty, administrative employees and dependents thereof. 59-112-70 Abatement of rates for nonresidents on scholarship. 59-112-80 Administration of chapter; burden of proving eligibility on students. 59-112-90 Penalties for willful misrepresentations. 59-112-100 Regulations.


  • 1 = Resident-Public Institutions, Independent-Resident of SC
  • 2 = Non-resident-No abatement-Public Institutions, Independent-Non-resident of SC
    **Fall 1993-Spring 1998 only values of 1 and 2 apply**
  • A = Resident-Exception, Military Personnel and their Dependents
  • B = Resident-Exception, Faculty and Administration Employees and their Dependents
  • C = Resident-Exception, Full-time Employees and their Dependents
  • D = Resident-Exception, Retired Persons and their Dependents
  • E = Resident-Exception, Academic Common Market
  • F = Resident-Exception, Scholarships Approved by Boards of Trustees (Section 59-112-70)
  • G = Resident-Exception, Reciprocity Agreements-as approved by the General Assembly
  • H = Resident-Exception, Non-resident alien in approved VISA Classification Codes



  • Values of 1, A-H: Student is being charged in-state rates for tuition and fees according to the above listed statutes or through a proviso.
  • Value of 2: Student is being charged out-of-state rates for tuition and fees according to the above listed statutes.

SOURCE: CHE Enrollment File

EXAMPLE: To select South Carolina resident students, type RESCLASS='1' in the WHERE statement. To select non-resident students that pay in-state fees because of military affiliation or academic common market, type RESCLASS IN ('A','E') in the WHERE statement. To select students paying in-state fees, type RESCLASS NE '2' in the WHERE statement. (NE stands for not equal to, so students paying non-resident fees will be excluded).